Embracing the Past and Present: Barclay Interiors’ Expertise in Listed Properties

Barclay Interiors is renowned for its adept handling of listed properties, where the challenge lies in marrying the old with the new. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of heritage rules allow us to create spaces that honour historical significance while meeting contemporary needs.

Expertise in Listed Properties

Navigating the intricacies of listed building regulations requires a specialised skill set. At Barclay Interiors, we excel in this domain, ensuring that every project complies with heritage guidelines without compromising on design quality. Our team’s proficiency is exemplified in various prestigious projects, where we’ve seamlessly integrated the old with the new.

Collaborative Approach with Heritage Consultants

Our successful projects often involve close collaboration with heritage consultants. This partnership was crucial in our work on the Berkshire Estate, where preserving the estate’s historical charm was paramount. By working alongside heritage experts, we balanced the estate’s rustic features with modern functionality, enhancing its appeal without losing its essence.

Showcase Projects

Our portfolio includes several distinguished projects that reflect our capability in managing listed properties:

Berkshire Estate: 

This project exemplified our ability to respect historical architecture while introducing contemporary amenities. Working with a heritage consultant, we revitalised the estate, ensuring every detail complemented its storied past.


In this high-profile area, our work on listed properties involved meticulous planning and innovative design solutions. We ensured that every modification respected the original architectural integrity.

Ambassador’s Residence:

This project highlighted our skill in enhancing prestigious properties. We created a space that reflected the ambassador’s status and the residence’s historical importance, blending opulence with practicality.

Henley on Thames:

Here, our design approach was to maintain the property’s historic charm while introducing modern conveniences. The result was a harmonious blend of old-world elegance and contemporary style.

Creating Harmonious Spaces

At Barclay Interiors, we believe in creating spaces that tell a story. Each project is a testament to our commitment to preserving history while embracing modernity. Our team’s dedication to understanding and respecting the heritage of each property ensures that every design is not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Barclay Interiors’ expertise in handling listed properties is unmatched. Our ability to balance historical reverence with modern innovation makes us the go-to choice for clients seeking to enhance their heritage properties. Whether it’s a grand estate or a historical urban residence, we deliver designs that celebrate the past while looking towards the future.

For more information on our projects and design philosophy, get in touch with us at Barclay Interiors.