How To Use Mirrors Effectively

The Beauty of Mirrors

How To Use Mirrors Effectively In An Interior Design Scheme

There are many ways in which mirrors can add innovation, beauty and drama to an interior. Megan Loughborough, Senior Designer at Barclay Interiors Ltd, an SBID International Design Awards finalist in 2017, takes us on a voyage of discovery through the various mirror options at your disposal and how they can shape the dynamic of your room.

Depending on the type of mirror that is used, the reflective nature of glass helps to bounce natural light around a space in turn making the interior appear bigger and lighter. It is a simple yet clever way to make even the smallest of spaces such as cloakrooms appear larger. In addition to using mirrors as a tool of scaled illusion, we have found that combining mirrored surfaces with decorative lighting to be extremely effective. Whether it is the combination of mirrored furniture and decorative lighting or mirrored walls / surfaces and architectural fittings, the reflection of light can create a truly beautiful and, in some cases, a dramatic effect.

Inviting the outside in has been a timeless design trend that fails to leave the industry. An effortless and effective way to achieve this is to position a mirror opposite a window. This helps to invite the natural beauty of the outside into a space with little fuss or maintenance! We used this tool in one of our schemes at Chelsea Flower Show. We incorporated three statement mirrors to reflect the pristine greenery of outside into the showcase conservatory. Designers must be careful when using this tool however as the colours and textures reflected from outside must work with the interior scheme so be careful!

Multi-functional design has increased in importance over the years. Designers not only focus on the aesthetic of a space but the practicality and functionality are deemed just as important. In line with this concept, mirrors can be used as both a functional item, i.e. to reflect light, to look in etc but also as an art piece or a statement feature. Shape, texture, frame and colour all contribute to this!

In some schemes the mirror is used as the main focal point. An example of where we practiced this was in an entrance hallway of one of our projects. Above, you can see how we layered different shaped mirrored trays to create a bespoke piece of wall art. As can be seen the different shaped frames, coloured glass and textures combine together to create a totally bespoke art piece as well as being used for reflection purposes.!’s View On Mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic way of adding light and beauty to your home. At Wayfair UK we have a wide range of mirrors for your home. Our wall-mounted, floor-length, and even outdoor options will brighten up your garden as well as your home interior. With our huge online selection of styles, shapes and sizes, you can rely on us to deliver high-quality and beautiful mirrors UK wide with free delivery on all orders over £40. Read more for some handy tips on how to buy the best mirrors for you!

Bathroom Mirrors

The bathroom is where mirrors reveal their best talent; making a room appear bigger. Often bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our homes and adding a mirror can really help to brighten and cheer up a room that is incredibly important to our day-to-day lives. Although one of the most practical and functional types of mirror, bathroom mirrors can also be visually exciting. If your bathroom style is more rustic or minimalist, then a traditional bathroom mirror either round or square with an uncomplicated frame, is the one for you and will match your pre-existing bathroom décor with its simple and elegant charm. If your bathroom is slightly more contemporary, you also have the option of going a little outside the box with your mirror choice. At Wayfair UK we have a huge variety of bathroom mirrors to choose between in a number of exciting styles. If you’d like backlighting, choose one of our square, oval, or round mirrors with inbuilt LED lighting to really illuminate your face and bring a little glamour to your everyday routine. For extra detail you could also buy a small vanity mirror which magnifies your reflection for improved precision. Some of these come as part of our wall-mounted mirrors, but we also have free-standing options, as well as individual wall-mounted vanity mirrors. We also have a number of mirrors with storage shelves built-in, perfect for storing toothbrushes, make-up or lotions.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Wall mirrors are perfect for living areas. Mirrors not only brighten a room and give the illusion of more space, but also, due to their reflective nature, they also go with many different colours and styles. Often large and impressive regardless of frame or style, they can act as a stunning feature in your home. If you’d like a large mirror to place above a headboard or mantelpiece, you don’t necessarily need an intricate design or complex shape in order to make an impact. A straight-forward rectangular mirror with a wooden or metal frame, perhaps with a bright pop of colour or a thick black frame will enable maximum impact. However, wall mirrors do also present an opportunity to let your creativity run wild and let your personality be reflected in your choice of mirror. Wall mirrors can be as decorative as they are functional. Choose an abstract modern design or an intricate geometric pattern and add a beautiful talking-piece to your living area. With a selection of round, arched, heart-shaped, octagonal, and sunburst mirrors available to buy online at you’re bound to find the perfect mirror for your wall.

Dressing Table Mirrors

If you’re someone with a vigorous morning routine including cleansing, moisturising, applying makeup, and styling your hair, you’ll want to be able to do this with as much comfort and ease as possible. At Wayfair UK we understand that people have busy lives and routines and we’re here to make your life easier with our huge selection of dressing table mirrors. This aesthetically-pleasing option placed on top of a desk or a table in your bedroom, enables you to sit down in the comfort of your own bedroom. They’re the perfect thing for anyone who enjoys taking some time getting ready in the morning. With a number of different frame types—for example wooden, glass and metal, and both traditional and contemporary styles, we’re the place to come to if you want a wide range of choice in dressing table mirrors available online.

Full-Length Mirrors

Don’t forget the handiest of all mirror styles: the full-length mirror. This type of mirror is indispensable. A Cheval mirror with its distinctive elongated shape and free-standing frame is a dignified and beautiful way of enabling you to see your full reflection if placed in a bedroom with a nice amount of free space. Cheval mirrors bring to mind a glamourous, romantic style, and if that’s the sort of vibe you want your bedroom to have, try one with a gorgeous gilt or ornate fame and combine with metallic tones for extra opulence. If you’d like to save on space (but never on style!), try a gorgeous wall-mounted floor mirror. It’s also a great idea to place one of our high-quality but great value options right by your door for a quick and easy outfit check just before leaving the house.