Beautiful Botanicals

Welcome to our first blog in quite some time. As a busy Design Practice the very nature of our work makes it difficult to find the time to blog and post news articles, we use nearly all of our time designing beautiful interior schemes and building projects for our clients.

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In this blog we will be looking at BOTANICALS and how floral prints and the inspiration drawn from their colours can be used in your home to create the most beautiful of rooms. Here at Barclay Interiors we have been using green botanical print designs since we opened – almost 20 years ago and still use them regularly in our showroom (pictured).

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Traditionally, Botanical prints gained popularity when wealthy British aristocrats wanted to furnish their houses in nature-inspired patterns that were reminiscent of their exotic travels overseas. We also saw the concept of ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’ as the trend for luxury outhouses and summerhouses grew through the early-mid twentieth century.

While it feels that Botanical prints are at the height of their popularity right now, we cannot disregard their historic heritage; there have been some wonderful collections over the years, particularly Christopher Farr’s fabrics and the Cole & Son’s wallpapers – more recently Pierre Frey’s ‘Kipling’ wallpaper design (pictured) has become a real favourite.

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Botanical prints are not exclusive to interiors (or gardens) and have found their way, rather effectively, into fashion and, most notably, they have recently invaded High Street. There are floral prints everywhere at the moment – High Street fashion houses using vibrantly coloured, large scale prints to make bold statements.

So, although it’s been around for years, we love seeing how the outdoor world of botanicals keeps influencing trends and collections. We’ve even used it in a couple of our most recent projects and our latest showroom design.

Photo: Petra Mezei, Christopher Farr, Cole & Son, Pierre Frey.